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Gourmet Foods as Gifts

When you need a gift for someone, but you’re not sure what to buy, look to gourmet food gifts. Everyone eats, and everyone enjoys extra special foods once in a while. Gourmet food gifts will never go unappreciated and will never go unused – especially if you take some time to think about who you are giving them to.

For the baker. If you’re buying for someone that likes to bake, there are a couple of gourmet food gifts that you can give. A really good vanilla is always appreciated by bakers. A set of various gourmet vanillas, like one that includes vanilla from Mexico, Tahiti and Madagascar would be especially welcome. Gourmet baking chocolate is another gift that a baker would be pleased to receive.

For the grill master. The best gourmet gift for the grill master would be some juicy gourmet steaks. If steaks aren’t in your budget, some gourmet spice rubs would also make the master of the grill quite happy.

For the wine lover. Flights of wine – several glasses of one varietal from different wineries or several different wines from one winery – are very popular right now. You can give a flight of two ounce bottles of wine as a gift. The wine lover will love you, too.

For the snacker. Gourmet mixed nuts, pretzels or gourmet popcorn never go uneaten. You can purchase the popcorn ready to eat or you can buy a popcorn gift set with premium kernels and various seasonings.

For the chocoholic. Some people like chocolate. Some people love chocolate. Some people live for chocolate. For the person on your gift list that falls into that last category, gourmet chocolate truffles or chocolate bars make the perfect gift.

For the gourmand. When gourmands cook, they don’t just cook with olive oil; they cook with the best olive oil. They don’t simply use salt; they sprinkle in finishing salts or sea salts. They wouldn’t dare use basic black pepper; they must use a gourmet pepper blend from a pepper mill. They’ll appreciate that you thought of adding another variety of oil, salt or pepper to their collection.

Image credit: Springfield MO CVB