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"Country Fresh Foods
from the American Heartland”

Dollies Food


Our Mission

Dollie's is dedicated to providing American grown specialty and gourmet foods to Asia, Latin America and beyond.  From the Ozarks of Missouri to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Dollie's network of suppliers offer "Country Fresh Foods" to the food service industry and retailers across the globe.

About Dollie

Dollie spent most of her life on the family farm in Missouri as a wife and mother of two children.  Life on the farm was far different from the modern lifestyle many Americans experience today.  There was no electricity, telephone, central heat or air, running water and indoor plumbing.  Drinking water came from a well which had to be pumped by hand.  Food came from right off the farm.  There were cows for milk and butter, and chickens for meat and eggs. 

Before breakfast could be prepared, it was necessary to start a fire in the wood burning kitchen stove.  Dollie always kept a supply of kindling and dry sticks of wood, which were suited for burning in the small firebox of the kitchen stove.  There was also an oven in which she could bake biscuits.  The kitchen itself was small, measuring about 7 feet by 8 feet.  In the wintertime, the little kitchen became toasty and pleasant while the food was cooking.  Summertime was quite different with the stove throwing off intense heat.  Dollie's face would turn beet red before her cooking tasks were over, but the hard work resulted in a hearty family meal enjoyed by all.

Perhaps this era of home cooked meals on the American family farm is a relic of the past, however the legacy of Dollie continues through much of the world today.  We all yearn to reconnect to simpler times, and choose foods that are better linked to our own lives.  We crave authenticity, a return to the old style values and workmanship that goes into making something good.   This is the spirit resurfacing across America today.  And at Dollie's we are committed to delivering this spirit and promise of real American foods to our friends around the world.


Bert & Dollie

Bert & Dollie's Family Farm